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The physiological ecology and natural distribution patterns of cryptomonad algae in coastal aquatic ecosystems. Paleoceanographic records from laminated sediments in La Paz Basin, western margin of the lower Gulf of California. Interannual variability of primary and export production. Dissolved organic carbon dynamic and biomarkers utilization in the Piracicaba river basin - SP - Brazil.

Nutrient demand and nitrogen processing in streams of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. Factors controlling spatial and temporal patterns of nitrogen cycling in tallgrass prairie streams. Ecological consequences of Daphnia phenotypic plasticity in a Great Plains reservoir. Quantifying controls on soil respiration in mixed-conifer and pinion-juniper ecosystems.

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An assessment of opportunities and impediments for the use of climate information in agricultural systems of the pampas. Environmentally induced migration in Fiji. Experimental studies on the role of fish on the functioning of lake pelagic systems. The relationship between the average cosine of the underwater light field and the inherent optical properties of the ocean.

Ecological impacts of predation by white shrimp Litopenaeus setiferus on subtidal macrobenthos in North Inlet, SC, deduced from field, laboratory, and modeling studies.

Greens in the greenhouse: environmental NGOs, norms and the politics of global climate change. Mass coral mortality prediction and thermally-induced stress physiology of reef-building corals in the Ryukyus, Japan. A study of the diversity and ecology of the freshwater fishes of four river systems of Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka, India.

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Hydrological and biogeochemical cycling along the Greenland ice sheet margin. Application of the Helium isotopic system to accretion of terrestrial and extraterrestrial dust through the Cenozoic. Limnology of lentic ecosystems of Bhutan with emphasis on biodiversity of zooplankton. The effects of environmental stressors on the dynamics of three functional groups of algae in seagrass habitats of Biscayne Bay, Florida: a modeling approach.

Diversity and ecology of bacterial communities at the deep seafloor.

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Assessing river ice breakup date, coastal tundra vegetation and climate divisions in the context of Alaska climate variability. Ecological and microevolutionary effects of urban land-use change on butterfly dispersal. Diatoms as indicators of Holocene climate and environmental change in northern Sweden. Management impacts on nitrous oxide flux and water loss from urban ecosystems. Assessment of spawning and nursery habitat suitability for American shad Alosa sapidissima in the Mattaponi and Pamunkey rivers. Biosystematic studies of Psyttalia species Hymenoptera: Braconidae : Parasitoids attacking fruit-infesting flies Diptera: Tephritidae in Africa.

Ecology and Morphology of Eelgrass Zostera marina L. Upper troposphere lower stratosphere structure during convective systems using GPS radio occultations. Millennial- to annual-scale Holocene climate change in the Alaskan arctic and tropical Andes inferred from physical sedimentology and geochemical indicators preserved in finely laminated alpine lake sediment archives.

Juvenile fish recruitment in the large lowland river Oder: assessing the role of physical factors and habitat availability. Making waves: The effects of boat-wash on macrobenthic assemblages of estuaries. Is there an heir apparent to the crown? A more informed understanding of connectivity and networked environmental governance in the Crown of the Continent. Economic assessment of carbon sequestraion potential in agriculture and forestry in transition countries of Europe. Top-down versus bottom-up regulation of plankton communities in freshwater oligotrophic ecosystems.

Lomonosov Moscow State University. The spread of violent civil conflict: Rare, state-driven, and preventable.

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Inter-annual to inter-decadal variability of upwelling and anchovy population off northern Chile. Satellite estimation of biophysical parameters for ecological models. Biology, University of Puerto Rico Colombia , pp. Belowground feedbacks to global environmental change. Toxicity of azaarenes: Mechanisms and metabolism.

Climate related impacts on a lake. From physics to biology. Limnology Department, Uppsala University Sweden , 37 pp.

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Integrated management of the Blue Nile basin in Ethiopia: Precipitation forecast, hydropower, and irrigation modeling. Ecological responses to paleoclimatic change: Insights from mammalian populations, species, and communities. Age determination of polar Crustacea using the autofluorescent pigment lipofuscin. Responses of benthic macroinvertebrates to whole lake manipulations of fish and nutrient loading rates. Role of non-timber forest produce in tribal economy of Madhya Pradesh with special reference to Harda District.

Feeding physiology of the cold water appendicularian Oikopleura vanhoeffeni Tunicata. Surface layer ozone dynamics and air-snow interactions at Summit, Greenland. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Dept.

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On the design of the international climate policy regime. Department of Economics, Hamburg University Germany , pp. Design and development of the database for management of biological and ecological systems in the lower part of Danube ecological system. Systems Ecology, University of Bucharest Romania , pp. Artificial and natural fluorescence of dissolved organic matter in the Tampa Bay Estuary.

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Costs and benefits of Daphnia antipredator behavior and consequences on community stability. Feeding mechanisms and the significance of food selection in heterotrophic nanoflagellates. The ecology of scattering layer biota around Indian Ocean seamounts and islands. On the seasonal dynamics of Daphnia species in a shallow eutrophic lake.

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  • Microbial enzymatic degradation of organic substances in deep-sea sediments. The effects of inorganic and orgnic phosphates on aspects of physiology and reproduction in the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus. Regime shifts in ecology and evolution. Dispersal and gene flow in freshwater invertebrates.

    Internal migration in response to disasters and longer term climatic variations.

    Assessing forest responses to climate change and resolving productivity measurements across spatial scales. Delineation of the hydrodynamics of Lake Michigan and Lake Baikal using satellite-derived surface temperatures. Hydrodynamics of marine macroalgae: biotic and physical determinants of drag. Integrating climate information into water resource decision making in South Florida. Biology, Stanford University United States , 83 pp.

    Structure and productivity of the pelagic microalgal community of the Laguna de Rocha. Hydrometeorology of a high Arctic glacier. Wind-evaporation feedback, angular momentum conservation, and the abrupt onset of monsoons. Modeling how land use changes affect the nutrient budget in the Guayas basin-Ecuador: Ecological and economic implications. Analysis and simulation of Skeletonema costatum Grev.