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Even more important: a difference generally implies positive terms between which the difference is set up; but in language there are only differences without positive terms. This throws the idea of "origin," of true original meaning, into radical question pp. With the idea of origin in question, Derrida pushes further than deSaussure did to claim that there is no absolute identity, nothing that "is itself" by virtue of its being.

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Thus transhistorical truth is now only truth by virtue of difference: nothing stands outside the system of differences. Names are substitutions but Differance is that which needs no representation and simply is. A language model of such linguistic objects, perhaps, would enhance communication and depth of knowledge between human beings.

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About Jacques Derrida. Jacques Derrida. Surely it is the most obvious and evident thing, a simple letter. They are two quite different things as we know and related to each other only by virtue of deep seated historical and conventional usage repetition. The relation has chance at its basis. Yet it is a promise to speak in phonemes about a written letter a grapheme. Have a look at the next sentence:. This sentence which begins by promising speech on writing goes on in its main clause to set out what is at stake.

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It is the relationship between at least two forces that will later on come to characterize the so called play of forces a writing on writing and a writing within writing. On the one hand there is a writing that regulates and on the other there is a writing a writing that is both on and in writing that apparently capitalizes on the possibility of accidents lapses, mistakes.

This possibility is undoubtedly one of the key aspects. The next sentence is as follows:. One can always, de facto or de jure, erase or reduce this lapse in spelling, and find it according to situations to be analyzed each time, although amounting to the same , grave or unseemly, that is, to follow the most ingenuous hypothesis, amusing. What is always possible? Correction or trivialisation especially in this case! It is after all just a joke.

No good trying to make a mystery of this little letter. It just happens to be the first letter of the alphabet. They are trivial. It is always possible to correct the mistake or to laugh it off as a joke. Freud would have pricked up his ears here. Notice the parenthesis has already introduced the topic of the same as differences in repetition; all the finite particulars adding up incessantly to repetitions of each other.

There is nothing special or important about it at all. It is a comic play with language. It names nothing but the possibility of comic plays with language. But this possibility, as Derrida hints in the next sentence, in its silence and its trivial insignificance, just is possibility. Let's take another look:.

Thus, even if one seeks to pass over such an infraction in silence [you recognise what this is a parodic repetition of], the interest that one takes in it can be recognised and situated in advance as prescribed by the mute irony, the inaudible misplacement, of this literal permutation. It's a joke again, of course, and refers us to the first words of the talk repeated again at the start of the paragraph.

I will speak about what we cannot speak about. But that is not just a joke. That is the topic of the essay and the aspect of it that we find Derrida worrying away at in much more recent works like Specters of Marx , "The Force of Law" and The Gift of Death. A little later, Derrida anticipates an objection.

Inaudible is the difference between two phonemes which alone permits them to be and to operate as such. The inaudible opens up the apprehension of two present phonemes such as they present themselves. If there is no purely phonetic writing, it is that there is no purely phonetic phone. The difference which establishes phonemes and lets them be heard remains in and of itself inaudible, in every sense of the word.

Phonemes operate as differentiated sounds because of an inaudible element that comes between them as the difference between them. The difference is inaudible no possibility of anybody ever hearing it.

Explaining Derrida with Diagrams 1: Différance - Christopher Watkin

What Derrida is trying to do here is to draw attention to the function of the inaudible as difference and to show why the inaudible difference that makes it possible to distinguish between two different sounds cannot be reduced to any present sound whatsoever. This inaudible difference must be possible a priori as the possibility of all the empirical differences, the apparent differences between sensible experiences of sound.

Derrida's proof of this has just been rather simple. When you write phonetically you must incorporate lots of marks punctuation etc. These are graphic and we are back with the difference between phoneme and grapheme.

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That is precisely the concern of the potential objection. Let's have a look:. It will be objected, for the same reasons, that graphic difference itself vanishes into the night, can never be sensed as a full term, but rather extends an invisible relationship, the mark of an inapparent relationship between two spectacles. Derrida has just about reached the point where he has said everything he needs to say.

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  • The graphic play does, certainly, act as a kind of revenge against the primacy of speech in all those texts he has already looked at. But the implications are greater. Speech is not now to be simply replaced by writing sound is not going to simply be replaced by graphic marks. Difference eludes both hearing and vision.

    No one has ever been able to see or to hear a difference as such. The objection--but writing depends on invisible differences too--in fact anticipates by repeating a generally acknowledged truism about writing in so far as it pertains to speech too which even then in the s was not generally acknowledged. Derrida is not privileging writing now over speech but showing that the conditions that apply to the one apply to other just as much.

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    So here is the argument so far. But for all the reasons that have been given it will be objected that this applies to graphic difference too. Well yes it does:.