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Sexuality does not exist on these shows. In contrast, we also have film images such as Doris Day. Day does challenge the image of the woman in the home we see Day as an independent, single, successful woman but she upholds proper images regarding sexuality and sexual behavior. Another film image and icon of the time is the very famous Marilyn Monroe. Read bio's and watch clips on Monroe, Barbie and Beauty Pageants and please answer the following: What messages are inherent in beauty pageants , barbie and even icons such Marilyn Monroe in terms of beauty and sexuality?

What about race and class? How do they match the images upheld for women in the popular discourse in the 50's? Essay Instructions : Write a commentary or opinion piece on anything that pleases or really annoys you. It can be something thoughtful or funny, or cultural. Ex: ppl driving with their cell phones, the judicial system, frat boys, the election, daycare, beauty pageants , etc etc.

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Your essay description is the most important part of the order process, but it does not have to be complex. Simply provide us with as much detail about the essay as possible. In some cases, the description could be one or two sentences. Some countries such as France, have even gone so far as to ban children under the age of sixteen to compete in pageants Powerful Essays words 4 pages Preview. Approximately , pageants take place a year all over the world, but the first pageant ever originated in Delaware in the United States.


Although pageants claim to be an event which promises to help bring world peace, they are actually a very costly event which showcases young children in inappropriate clothing, acting much older than their age Parents having children have grown up with this fundamental idea of beauty in their minds. As a result, their children must endure the same stipulations and scrutiny.

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Children are forced by their parents to comply with the strict views of society. They must be smart, beautiful, and perfect in all ways. Parents put these pressures on their children by forcing them to play sports, take intense course loads, and prioritize their lives, based on the views of their parents These children are usually misbehaving, disobedient, overdramatic and they are between the ages of four and six. Many people do not agree with children being forced to fulfill their parents' dream by taking place in a pageant. It is very common for young girls to be obsessed over Barbie dolls, the perfect hair combined with the flawless makeup has provided a fantasy idol for all young girls to look up to, but who would have thought the doll would come to life as a 5 year old girl competing in a beauty pageant Good Essays words 2.

How are they so confident. Kids who take part in the pageants and are always on stage, have no trouble being in front of hundreds of people. Child beauty pageants have been a controversial issue all over the world. Kids compete to see who has the best smile, hair, makeup and outfits. They show off their talents and are judged upon what they do best.

Beauty Pageants : The Beauty Pageant

Strong Essays words 4. Just picture it, a young girl winning her first crown. Look at the joy in her face and her parents face. This was her first beauty pageant, she did it all for the fun and thrill of being the cutest. What if she loses more than she wins, with thousands of dollars flushed down the drain. As she gets older she feels less and less confident, and this can lead to eating disorders and many other emotional problems This is the title that everyone from years old want.

There is pressure to be perfect and pretty whenever the contestant is on stage. The majority of people, especially women, are campaigning against this ambiguous tradition. Many adjustments have been conveyed to conform to these recognitions. Some of these adjustments include: donating to charities, achieving the art of elocution, and opportunities for educational scholarships. As thoughts and views on gender roles and gender identity have undergone changes, trending opinions have contemplated this certain extravagant event Now, into the 21st century, Nina Davuluri of Indian descent, otherwise known as Miss America , is not treated any differently.

To take home the crown in the Miss America competition, one basic rule states that the contestant must have virtuous character and health. Therefore, to presume that Nina transpires to be a terrorist is vacuous. Nina would not even be allowed to enter the Miss America pageant, let alone win it, if Nina had immoral virtues or motives. Similarly, in a case that Nina has Muslim or Arabic citizenship, Nina would not be eligible to apply because a Miss America contestant must be a US citizen Strong Essays words 2.

In these pageants, girls are judged by how beautifully mature their face looks, how extravagant their clothing is, how tan their skin is, how skinny they are, and how well they can woo the viewers and judges with their batting eyelashes and flirtatious facial expressions. Term Papers words 4 pages Preview. Jessica is one of the thousands of babies forced into the many children's beauty pageants each year.

Sharon is among the many over-demanding parents who pressure their young and innocent children into beauty pageants each year and this is wrong. Beauty pageants were started many years ago but became more prominent in the society in , when a hotel owner started a contest to keep tourists in town past Labor Day Free Essays words 2.

More than three thousand pageants a year are held in the United States in which more than one hundred thousand kids under the age of twelve compete Giroux Some pageants are known to last up to half of a day.

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With the pageants being so long, contestants resort to drinking energy drinks to stay awake. Some mothers give their children energy drinks and excessive amounts of caffeine so they stay alive and prepared for the judges Hollandsworth and Kilbourne both talk about the exploitation of females in their articles, one being about the exploitation of little girls and pageants and the other about the exploitation of women in advertising.

The Effects Of The Child Beauty Pageant

The articles find common ground talking about the exploitation of females in multiple situations. I believe that Hollandsworth is trying to show not the dark side per se, but the other side than all of the dangers of pageants There are various kinds of exploitation in the world today, including sweatshop working, slavery, and trafficking among others. Money is said to be the main reason for all kinds of exploitation in the modern world.

Make-up, teased hairstyles, hair extensions, flippers fake teeth , clouds of hairspray, sophisticated costumes, weird postures, screaming crowds mostly mothers , twitched face expressions, trophies, tiaras, and money are the main ingredients for the beauty pageants for underage girls, along with hysterical crying, exercised smiles and outbursts The only thing that mattered was to make sure we had fun.

There are many different things children do to have fun. Some children love to go outside and get dirty, others prefer to stay indoors and play pretend. Some girls love to play tea time or pretend to be princess. In some cases those pretend fantasies become true. Little girls get the chance to actually become a small little princess for a day.

The only place that allows little girls to become a princess is at a child beauty pageant However, without even young girls understanding the situation, this fairytale turns into a disaster in child beauty pageants. Pageants are ubiquitous, in the USA, 2. By working hard to make their families happy and to maintain this new sense of entertainment, ironically,little girls pay high prices in various aspects. A solution to this aggravating problem is diet; a healthy and balanced diet. Most medical advisor recommends changes in their patients diet while taking up medication, may it be drug- therapy or physical activities.

However, if not given proper attention, this condition may develop into illnesses including angina, coronary heart disease, heart attack, and stroke This makes girls be less confident in them and be more self conscious about their looks.

Digication ePortfolio :: Cindy Baik :: Research Essay: The Effects of Child Beauty Pageants

Having a low-self steam then leads into depression. According to Martina M. Cartwright, a professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Arizona, teens that used to participate in beauty pageants are more likely to develop eating disorders and have body problem images 5 Reasons Child Pageants Are Bad for Kids Marie, a four year old child, is preparing for her long weekend of make-up, hairspray, and gowns.

Marie is one of many children who are forced by over-demanding parents who pressure their young and innocent children into many beauty pageants each year, and its wrong. Beauty pageants first originated in Atlantic City. It was a marketing tool to make tourists stay in town longer Banet-Weiser Sadly, they do not know any better and are getting involved in activities that they should not be attracted to.

According to Martina M They started out as a way to bring tourist to Atlantic City.

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Adult beauty pageants were first to be televised in the s. Child beauty pageants came on the scene around the s.

Child beauty pageants consist of modeling sportswear, evening gowns, dance, and talent. Depending on the type of pageant, the girls may be seen wearing fancy hairstyles and a lot of makeup The tension is building. It is almost time for her to go on stage. Everything, from head to toe, is double checked to make sure it is perfect. Her make-up is flawless. The foundation covers any unevenness in skin tone, while the blush gives her cheeks a nice rosy glow. Eye shadow, mascara, and false eyelashes have been applied. Lipstick and lip gloss contribute to the pout of her lips.

Her hair has been curled, teased, placed in an upswept hairdo, and heavily sprayed with hair spray to keep the hair in place during her performance The lights are all on you, the make-up, the hair, and the extravagant dresses. Your blood pumps with adrenaline; you feel nervous, yet excited. All eyes are on you; the pretty girl strutting across the stage in ostentatious costumes that flicker once caught in the light.

Many people have witnessed a beauty pageant whether it is one on television or stage. Not many are in denial of the lovability of the younger aged children executing their talents in front of crowds Are beauty pageants exploitive. Or do they simply build confidence in young children. People have been debating about this topic for years and will continue on for years to come. Will the debate ever come to an end.

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Or will it result in the banning of beauty pageants all together. These and many other questions have been brought to the surface. In these pageants many things take place This is partially because of television shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and Living Dolls, which glorify pageants that threaten the innocence of childhood.

With so many children, some as young as six months old, partaking in pageants and countless more aspiring to be pageant princesses, a closer look needs to be taken at the practices that are used to prepare them for the show Young girls dressed in revealing clothing, being caked in make-up, getting fake tans, wearing fake eyelashes, teeth, hair, and nails, or even performing extremely mature routines are a few reasons pertaining to why it is unacceptable for toddlers to be in the modeling industry.

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